The Chantraine Dance of Expression

An approach with three dimensions: Artistic, Educational, Human

The Artistic Dimension

Within this dimension are the choreographic repertoire created by Françoise & Alain Chantraine and relationships between dance and the other arts - music, poetry and the visual arts. The repertoire of nearly 200 works is immensely varied - ranging from fundamental themes in the dance of the “dynamic of the world”, to the light-hearted or humorous. Choreographies for all the different ages and levels draw on the main styles of dance - contemporary, classical, jazz and dance of other cultures - but go beyond style alone and integrate the art of dance with the art of living.

The Educational Dimension

The Chantraine School
The Chantraine School is open to everyone from 4 years to adults without age limit and all levels. For children, young people and students, classes are arranged according to the different cycles of age, and for adults they are broadly graded as “All levels and Beginners”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced”, with a special class for senior citizens. The approach integrates both “savoir-faire” - knowing what to do - and “savoir être” - knowing how to be - through a well-tried and tested methodology and the means outlined below. It also seeks to harmonise and develop all aspects of dance and the dancer, and to promote harmony, well-being and joy .

The Teaching Method combines three features

bulletThe five Chantraine “times” have been recognised by Alain and Françoise as essential aspects of dance and life. These alternating “times” structure and balance each class, and are made relevant for the different cycles of age (from 4 years to adults without age limit) and for the different levels of ability and experience within these cycles. The “times” are:


Françoise Chantraine is the creator of a technique of the centre, which begins with breathing and enables the dancer to radiate outwards through supple and strengthened limbs. It is a technique “inhabited ” by the soul of the movement and linked with the elements of the universe. “Technique“ also Includes rigorous attention to placement, alignment, the international positions of feet and arms, as well as essential dance techniques, and respect for individual typology throughout.

bulletEnergy states Understanding different energy states and how to transform them
bulletA positive vision for learning and progress

The Human Dimension

Each person is valued, whatever their gifts, and human relationships promoted.

“Its uniqueness lies in its wholeness, in its  recognition that dance is a basic human need, by its drawing on all traditions, by its respect for each individual student, no matter what age or stage...” (a former student)

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I breathe...I let go...I discover..
the 5 'times' of life“

chantraine dance method